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Short Films

The Confrontation Fixed.mp4

The Confrontation

Planned, shot, edited and directed by Dakota Morrill in an hour to demonstrate use of Foley sounds and typography in film. Shot on a mirrorless Sony ZV-E10 with the goal of getting a variety of different shots including symmetry and movement.

My first project completely created on my own.

Starring Lewis Roberts & Quinlan Kirk

Filmed at The Sheffield College - Hillsborough

In The Halls (1).mpeg

In The Halls

My first short film, shot and directed by Dakota Morrill, Lewis Roberts, Quinlan Kirk, Felix Hartman, and Richard Hague. Edited by Dakota Morrill. Shot on a DSLR Nikon 4100 with the goals of using compositional elements and exploring editing techniques.

Original plans were scrapped due to weather conditions and most of the shots were improvised as we divided shots between 5 of us for the assignment. All the footage was pulled together and I had to get some extra establishing shots to create a story in post.

Starring Richard Hague and Dakota Morrill

Filmed at The Sheffield College - Hillsborough & Livesey Street, Hillsborough