Phantasm Films

We are three Wesleyan University film graduates dedicated to storytelling and visual craftsmanship. Living together senior year we pushed each other to  explore and refine our skills, collaborating in music, writing, and filmmaking. Each of us brings our own perspective and experience, enabling us to take any project through all stages of production. Our talents were put to the test with our theses films, shot on film and digitally. Now, as Phantasm Films, we plan to use the fundamental concepts mastered and expand into other forms of visual storytelling.

Our Work

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Short Films



World premiere at the 41st Mill Valley Film Festival. Received Honors from Wesleyan University College of Film and the Moving Image.

What Remains

Awarded the “Stephen J. Ross Prize” for best film at Wesleyan University’s College of Film and the Moving Image. Received “High Honors” at Wesleyan University.


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